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Our board exam review course is different than other popular study guides. We believe that quality is more important than quantity when studying for your board exams.

If you purchase the CSE, or TMC-CSE package, you can take the simulation exams as many times as you like for as long as you remain a paying member. 

Rest assured their are no hidden fees or charges. We also make it easy to cancel directly from your student dashboard in 2 clicks.

Our course material is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis and reflects the most recent updates from the NBRC.

The 7 RRT exam review courses include complete reviews on these frequently tested topics on the NBRC RRT exams: Patient assessment, Mechanical Ventilation, Imaging, Airway Management, Pharmacology, Laboratory Testing, and Pulmonary Function Testing.

Here's What Our students are saying

“I would highly recommend this to other people. I was able to pass the exam on the first try, which is an amazing accomplishment as I know it's a difficult exam to pass. I found the clinical simulations to be very helpful in passing the exam. I liked how you could do a simulation on a specific disease. I found the the program to be very beneficial. ”
Sarah finley
Respiratory Therapist
The questions covered each topic that I studied. They were really easy to understand and what I enjoyed most was the rationale behind each answer given. I feel that I'm so much better prepared for my TMC exam. I would recommend this to anyone who was like me struggling with certain areas.
Armandia ray
Respiratory Therapist
"I just finished the patient assessment review and WOW, this is amazing! The way it was arranged was very helpful to me. You don't lose your concentration because you read about a couple of pages and then a small quiz regarding those couple of pages you just read. I've tried a couple of other popular reviews but I understand and remember more with this. I recommend this to anyone serious about becoming an RRT."
Sandy ramos
Respiratory Therapist
I found the review to be very helpful. the rationale provided with the practice questions and the tips of what to look for exactly on the test were great! I feel very confident about the exam next time I take it.
Tiffany Fleming
Respiratory Graduate